Smart Agriculture

Empowering farmers with LoRaWAN to solve complex monitoring challenges

  • What we do?

    We monitor environmental conditions, product maduration and storage controlled atmospheres, irrigation systems, soil, tracking assets and livestock.

  • LoRa and LoRaWAN

    Smart agriculture applications based on LoRa ecosystem have demonstrated significant time, money and energy saving. LoRaWAN enable the use of low cost sensors to send data from the farm to the cloud where it can be analyzed to improve future cycles.

  • Full Waranty

    Product purchased is free from defects in materials or manufacturing and conforms agronode sprecifications, product must be installed and maintained in accordance with product instructions

  • Technical Support 24/7

    Our team is available at any time to assist you

  • SaaS | Sensing as a Service

    Our business model is based on a monthly payment per device connected to our plataform.

  • Vision to the Future

    The future of farming is in collecting and analyzing agriculture parameters in order to achieve efficiency.

Smart agriculture vertical targets

We have a large selection of LoRaWAN devices to create a solution to your requirements.

Full Sensor Catalog

Termonode | Agro-industrial sensor app

LoRaWAN sensors increase productivity and pursue process efficiency.


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